In days gone by a SQUIRE was the armourer and an enabler to the Knights of the Realm.  

A SQUIRE would prepare the weapons and horses for his Knight readying them for battle and carrying their standard into the fray.

In today’s ever changing creative, technological and business environment the team behind SQUIRE is committed to doing the same for the creative talent and their ideas within the company.  Prepare for battle. 

We strive to push the boundaries of content production, creating work that authentically spans multiple platforms with the common thread of captivating visual storytelling at its heart.

It’s something that we’ve done for over a decade and we still have fun doing it. Be it film, print, product or experiential, games, promos or broadcast.

Making stuff is what gets us out of bed. It’s what keeps us up at night. We’re quite good at it. It’s what drove us to bring all that knowledge and passion together to create SQUIRE. Because when inspiring people meet and disciplines collide, magic happens.