Little Wardrobe London - SS18 - Dir. Jay Creagh

Squire's Jay Creagh has created this lovely little fashion film for childrens clothing brand Little Wardrobe.


Shot in a Day in Tring Park, the clothes are brought to life through the michevious efforts of the 3 young performers, as they track down a wedding cake...

Jay Brasier-Creagh
Harrison's Fund - Meeting Grandpa - Dir. Phil Tidy + Jay Creagh

In this magical charity short doc, Harrison, a disabled 10-year-old boy suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, is connected with his Grandpa through the marvel of emerging technologies.

Partnering with DoubleMe, utilizing the Microsoft Hololens, Andrew is transported from the holoportal in Greenwich, to Alex's home in Surrey, where Harrison is waiting.

Director: Phil Tidy + Jay Creagh

Producer: Phil Tidy

Creative Partner: James E Marks

Editor: Jay Creagh



Jay Brasier-Creagh
I Am - Dir. Rodney Rascona

Another NGO Documentary by international advertising and Documentary photographer/director, Rodney Rascona.

Presenting a fresh voice on the STEM/STEAM initiative, in a short documentary produced on location in Malawi Africa 2017. Created for the US Department of STATE in Washington DC. 


Director: Rodney Rascona

Producer: Phil Tidy

Editor: Warren Meneely

Jay Brasier-Creagh
Astrid Edwards & Anita Corbin - Visible Girls

Squire's Astrid Edwards has teamed up with Anita Corbin to revisit the ever successful Visible Girls Series. 

In the 1980s Anita Corbin took 28 pictures of young girls in pairs - female punks, mods, Rastas, skins, rockabillies and young lesbians shot in their London hangouts as friends, sisters and lovers. 36 years on, Corbin found those girls again, re-photographing them to discover the story of those rebellious girls.

A celebration of female identity, style and music the 3-year touring exhibition will be accompanied by a set of documentary films directed by Astrid, following the stories of each featured Visible Girl, and their life during and after their photograph was taken.

Buzzfeed have featured an article on the campaign, quoting:

"Corbin is now back in touch with 70% of the original women photographed and interviewed 36% of the original subjects for a new exhibition new portraits and the original pictures, which opens on Thursday at the Artlink gallery in Hull as part of the 2017 City of Culture programme, before touring the country. Corbin has launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring the exhibition to more towns and cities in Britain. Corbin plans to photograph some of the remaining women who are yet to be revisited by the end of 2018.

"It was a bit of a dream that I had," Corbin tells BuzzFeed News. "I did try to do it in 1991 but I couldn’t find any of them. All the numbers had changed or they’d moved away, so I let it go dormant for about 25 years. And it wasn’t until your piece came out that I thought, This is a possibility now.

"And in the last three years even more connections have happened because of technology. I think BuzzFeed was the catalyst and then I subsequently had the show last year and lots of press through that. Social media and media coverage has allowed me to find them, or them to find me."

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is now live for the project, and can be found at: