Rodney Rascona - Images from the field, Hathi, 2015

Squire's Rodney Rascona reflects on the images, made by himself during his time in Hathi, after their tragic disaster.

Survivor-Evelyn's Girl

Survivor-Evelyn's Girl

This young girl is one of Evelyn's children photographed over a three week period while on assignment for Suisse based MEDAIR and The Paradigm Project - shortly after the tremors from the 2015 Haitian earthquake calmed down. Like many who escaped the initial impact of such a violent tragedy, Evelyn and her daughter did the best they could. Evelyn held a piece of wood in her hand to protect them as they slept, too dangerous to stay in her damaged home and hearing rumors of a different kind of danger for women and girls if she went to the relief camps living in tents. So they stayed together on a dirty sheet until it was their turn to receive assistance. 

But beyond the initial impact the Haitian earthquake like all tragedies, keeps visiting the survivors in their sleep, in their dreams, hearing voices and replaying images in their head, while guilt becomes a constant companion for never having had a chance to say good bye or asking themselves - why did I survive. 

The United Nations stated that the loss to those who survived the 2015 Haitian earthquake was enormous with over 1.5 million children under the age of 18 effected by the tragedy - much of it personally experienced. They lost complete families, lost generations of mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, with laughter and dreams exchanged for nightmares, screams and fear. The sights and sounds of such enormous human loss, the emotions felt in losing loved ones, will be forever trapped inside young minds with memories and experiences more dark than not. A survivor yes thankfully - yet forever scarred.
Jay Brasier-Creagh