MQ Mental Health "Dare to Swear" charity campaign - Directed by Deane Thrussell

Production company Squire has produced another extensive charity social media campaign with creative agency Pablo, for MQ Mental Health.

Director Deane Thrussell swore to take on mental illness with his new set of comedy films, featuring British Commonwealth boxing champion, Darren Barker. From half-naked swimsuit runs to cycling nuns, MQ's new campaign urges everyone to take action. Following in the spirit of their ongoing print campaign and national TV advert, the films take a bold stance in challenging the complacency surrounding mental health research.

The campaign is going live intermittently over at MQ's Facebook and Instagram pages.


We Fight Any Claim with John Cleese - Dir. Nick Jones



Production company Squire, has produced a new series of national TV adverts for the claims management firm "We Fight Any Claim" with actor and comedian John Cleese.

We Fight Any Claim have contracted new creative agency, Beginning Middle Endon a campaign aimed at getting people their illegally charged PPI claims refunded from thieving bankers. Beginning Middle End approached John Cleese with their scripts, who after demonstrating a mutual disdain for lying bankers, heartily added to the scripts. Comedy director Nick Jones was appointed to the role, where he honed and refined the character of the ever ebullient John Cleese, dressed him in a suit and gave him a Trump red tie...

Shot over 4 days throughout January in London, the commercials proved controversial when passing through Clearcast- apparently, when making fun of bankers, things become problematic... 

WFAC have made a bold move in telling the banks that they will fight them on the beaches, and there will be 3 x TV spots running from 20/02/17 and four 'Banned' online pieces running consecutively from the same date alongside various online content.

The broad & intentionally far reaching campaign carries over TV, Radio, Social, Outdoor & Press for 4 weeks and is a national campaign with John Cleese leading the charge against the banks!

The films were shot by the award winning Ed Wild, who has shot numerous feature films (Welcome to the Punch, London has Fallen, Fleming), and edited by James Rose at Cut and Run

We Fight Any Claim is based in Cwmbran, South Wales. They have so far reclaimed over £300 million in mis-sold PPI payments and are known as one of the UK’s most successful claims management companies.